Tox for Chrome OS preview

Tox development preview for Chrome OS

With the advent of the Chromebook, the face of modern computing
changed in a number of drastic ways. Super low cost but fully
usable machines with browsers, chat programs, and full office
suites became available to even the lowest income students.

These devices let users shift from low budget bottom of the
barrel laptops often times filled to the brim in spyware and
adware to light and responsive machines boasting great battery
life and access to services they already use, something that
can only be looked at as a win for consumers.

With the announcement of even cheaper Chromebooks and sticks,
we realize the value in providing secure messaging with friends
and families to this ever expanding market more than ever.

As such, we’d like to announce the Tox for Chrome OS technical
preview. You’ll be one of the very first testers to this so
tons of bugs and issues are to be expected. While these clients
work, we do not encourage you to use them as your daily drivers.
You may experience data loss or other bugs that could prevent
you from using it correctly in some cases because of how early
this preview is.

Getting started

  • To test Antox for Chrome OS please click here
  • To test uTox for Chrome OS please click here

Reporting issues

  • To report Antox issues please visit the issue tracker here
  • To report uTox issues please visit the issue tracker here