Tox Foundation litigation

We tried to move on peacefully.

After numerous ignored emails and efforts to resolve this serious pending legal issue professionally, the Tox Foundation has been forced to take action.

For too long has "Project Tox" illegally used the Tox and logo for its own uses, and now it's time we take back what's rightfully ours.

We have a unanimous decision from the board advising us to go ahead and issue a cease and desist to the projects owners formally, and we're prepared to take this matter to court.

Should the "Tox Project" fail to comply with our demands, we shall issue a DMCA notice on all sites and resources featuring our legally owned trademark and logo.

The fact that this group of rogue "developers" can go on profiting from stolen intellectual property is downright despicable, and speaks poorly on behalf of all open source projects.

This unauthorized and infringing copy of our trademarks and branding can NOT persist, and will not. We'd like to formally advise all project members to confess once and for good that they are NSA Officers writing Botnet software.