Tox on OSX

Hodwy folks,

After 27 whole days of delay our Tox downloads for OS X work again, and are better than ever!

We ran them previously, but progress on clients stagnated and we couldn’t justify the extra cost to build binaries that didn’t really work.

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qTox now in Tox Repositories

It took awhile, and some may have noticed it was there earlier, but qTox has now hit the Tox Repos. It’s a great addition to the already expansive list of Tox clients users have to choose from, and personally, I think it’s one of the best clients we have to offer.

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Help Tox Grow, Run a Tox Node Today

In light of packaging the bootstrap daemon, we’re going to be running a month-long campaign to expand our current node list. For more information, visit our Running a Bootstrap Node page or join us on IRC [email protected]

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Ratox in Tox Repositories

Man, we’re on fire lately. Ratox, a relatively new client created by the wonderful people at 2f30, can now be found in Tox Repos. Unlike other clients relying on GUIs as an interface to the user, Ratox is developed with the UNIX-philosophy in mind and allows complete interaction through named pipes. For more info, visit the Ratox article on the Tox Wiki.

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Antox Release 0.14.0-alpha

It didn’t take long for another release to happen but here it is, version 0.14.0. This release mostly brings a lot of changes to under the hood. Namely, the entire code base has been moved from Java to Scala and with it came a new sleek UI with improved animations

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Toxic release v.0.5.2 (and groupchat issues)

Major changes include:

  • Ability to set an avatar. You can set it in the config file (see the example config file) or with the command ‘/avatar <path>’ (Note: This command will only set it temporarily until you restart your client).
  • Previous chat history is now loaded when you open a chat window.
  • Chat log files are now renamed when a contact changes their name instead of creating a new log file and leaving the old one.
  • Resolved a performance issue where idle CPU usage was unacceptably high when compiled with sound notifications.
  • Some small UI changes that need no explanation.
  • Lots of important bug fixes
    The currently ongoing toxcore groupchat rewrite broke Toxic’s implementation of groupchats. Any version of Toxic older than c56c6cc2 will behave very strangely with the new groupchats (this may be temporary).

Also, as of writing this GroupBot is up to date with the latest core, so if you can’t get an invite from him then you need to update your toxcore.

tldr; update everything