uTox updates 0.1.a

The major update this week is the new groupchats that should work much better (connection wise) than the old ones. Note that as of now they are still missing important features like usernames but the base of them (joining/quitting/sending messages) should already work well.

As for uTox, mainly bug/translation fixes.

Also, I will be pushing updates in a more regular manner until group chats work well.

uTox now in Apt & Yum Repos

uTox is now the second Tox client to be hosted on the Tox Repositories, second to Venom.
If you haven’t already, add our Tox repo to Apt or Yum by following these instructions. It’s a great way to get the latest changes to Tox clients in a quick and easy fashion.

32 and 64bit instructions supported; more to come in the upcoming week! (We’re in the process of getting Toxic and qTox on the repo as well!)

Antox 0.13.0-alpha Release

Another day another release. This release is probably the biggest in the recent past and there’s some screenshots to go along with it.

The Login activity has been changed to be given a nice background. Also, instead of having to write the name of your profile, the text box has been swapped for a dropdown list of all the profiles you have created to make logging in a much simpler and quicker process.

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uTox updates 0.1.8

What’s new: Save file location changed, bug fixes, bug fixes, new translations and some small features like the icon on Windows changing colour when a message is received.

For credits and a detailed list of all changes: https://github.com/notsecure/uTox/commits/master

The main change in this update and why I made this post is that uTox now saves to roaming appdata instead of local appdata which should lead to less people losing their saves. uTox should automatically load the save from its previous location meaning you don’t have to move it there yourself. What you should do that uTox doesn’t do is remove the old location.

Also, if anyone isn’t aware of this yet, I will be the one maintaining uTox from now on until notsecure is less busy.

Expect something bigger next week.

F-Droid Repo Changing SSL Certificate

Edit: This certificate was causing some problems as it was intended for a *.tox.im domain but the repo was on my markwinter.me domain. For now, I have reverted the certificate back to the original markwinter.me cert.

Just a quick post to let F-Droid users know that I have changed the SSL certificate. Instead of using my own cert, it will now serve a Tox one. The certificate should match

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μTox updates [0.1.3]

New features:

  • Network options: IPv6/UDP enable/disable
  • SOCKS 5 proxy support (makes it possible to use Tox through Tor)
  • Right click menus (Xlib, Windows already had them)
  • Option to copy messages without the names (through a right click menu)
  • Option to show only online friends
  • Support for translations

  • Many small fixes

  • toxcore has a new congestion control algorithm, file transfers should have better performance now

Antox v0.12 released

Edit: There seems to be a problem of crashing when registering (both skipping and not skipping). I’d recommend not upgrading just yet and I’ll try and get it fixed by the end of the week. Sorry for the wait

It’s been a long time since I’ve written a blog post for a release of Antox but I felt with the major changes in this version, it would be best if I did.

The major change in this release which may cause confusion is the introduction of an account system. When you create an account, it assigns the account a new tox id as well as its own friends list and chat logs, so that you can easily create and manage multiple identities from the same application. You just logout of one account, and login to another to swap tox id’s. No hassle in dragging tox save files about. It also takes the account name and registers it on https://toxme.se so that others can add you using just the account name. If you don’t want to be signed up on toxme, you should tick “skip registration” in the registration screen. I’ve taken these steps to try and make the application extremely easy to use. Regular users are used to creating accounts and having people add that account name and this is what I’m trying to emulate for tox. Hopefully others like the changes I’ve made and that other clients follow so that the experience is the same across all platforms.

Some other notable changes are:

  • Nicer looking tabs in the main section
  • You can now accept and reject file transfers
  • File transfer speed is now displayed
  • Better ordering and searching of the contacts list
  • The Tox ID can now be found under the ‘Advanced’ tab of Settings
    We will soon have A/V in antox as well. The functions have already been wrapped in jToxCore and are just being proof-read as we speak to make sure it’s correct. Once merged and ready, audio is the first function I want to get into antox.

Edit: If you tick “skip registration” an account name is still required so that multiple tox id’s can be used. It uses the account name you entered as the file name for the tox save so that when you login, it loads the appropriate tox id

Tox now works through Tor (and other proxies)

Toxcore can now function on TCP only as a fall back when UDP can’t be used.

There were many people who requested Tor support so I implemented basic SOCKS5 proxy support for toxcore TCP connections.

To use Tox with Tor, set your Tor proxy address in your Tox client proxy settings and disable UDP (UDP connections bypass the proxy and must be disabled if the proxy is used for privacy and not simply for accessing the internet).

This will make toxcore use Tor for all connections.

As of now I’m pretty sure the only possible toxcore leak (if UDP is disabled) would be if a DNS name is passed to the tox_bootstrap_from_address() function it would not be resolved using Tor. (I’m pretty sure all the main clients only pass ip addresses to this function though.)

Clients are not Tor safe yet and bypass the proxy for any non toxcore related network communications (DNS names for example) which means it should not be used in situations that require serious anonymity yet (unless you use something like iptables to plug the leaks).

Happy Anonymous Toxing.